Close Reading

Starting this essay was a bit intimidating for me. As the first essay of the semester in a class that I felt was somewhat above my head this process was something that I wasn’t exactly excited for. However, once I began writing and thinking critically about what I was reading in The Tempest the assignment didn’t seem so daunting.

The beginnings of this essay actually stemmed from a cluster of ideas that I had about The Tempest. Originally I wanted to analyze the idea of hierarchies within the play, but then moved towards thinking about the character of Miranda and her role in the play.

After much debate between all of the ideas bouncing around in my head I finally decided to explore the characters of Prospero and Antonio to see how they relate in terms of being powerful leaders. From this idea I came up with my first outline for a draft. The outline was quite complex because I felt pretty unsure about diving straight into a draft.

Once I felt I had a solid (maybe a bit excessive) outline for the paper I decided to try a first draft. This draft was full of a lot of information, but not much analysis. After getting some peer feedback in class, I went back to the essay and attempted to find a narrower focus.

Finally, I submitted my draft for professor feedback. (“And here’s where the travelogue ends“)

After submitting this draft and receiving professor feedback I decided to leave this draft where it is. While working with the idea further I realized that it was starting to become difficult to find evidence for Antonio and Prospero’s similarities (which is the main claim of the paper). I decided to put my focus into the next paper and a new idea about gender roles, Elizabethan order, and The Tempest.