Welcome! What you’ve stumbled upon is a presentation of the work and progress I’ve accomplished on the topic of literary criticism, compiled into this here portfolio.

The Introduction will provide a detailed overview of this portfolio. Showing you what concepts I’ve been striving to understand and what I believe the purpose and impact of them to be.

The Biography is an overview of my life as a reader and writer, enjoy the mental images my nerdy childhood.

The Presentation Portfolio is what I’d rather be known for. It consists of my four best essays throughout the course giving you some insight on my thoughts and analysis on William Shakespeare’s, The Tempest and Hamlet.

Lastly, you will find my Process Portfolio, which holds the heavy load. Here you will find my strengths as a writer but also the areas that I struggled in. Inside will be drafting, editing, revisions, comments, critiques, all compiled into tabs and organized by critique used. You’ll be able to view my thoughts and the process it took to create my final drafts. Have fun!