Close Reading

Copy of Close Reading- The Tempest, first draft Close Reading- The Tempest, final draft 

There were many conflicts and characters to analyze in the Tempest, but I chose Miranda and her issues with repressed sexuality. I was lead to this topic and claim with the help of many Process Assignments discussed in class. I had an idea that I wanted to work with Miranda’s character, but I was focused on the wrong quote in the text. Once I was directed to the scene most relevant to the claim that Miranda’s feelings were being irrationally displayed due to her sexual repression rooted in a traumatic past experience, I was more on track with my paper.

Once completing that first draft, I printed it out and scheduled an appointment with Drew so he could help guide my ideas that were already on paper. This proved to be the largest amount of help for my paper because it was realized that vital background information was missing that could really strengthen my claim. Taking his thoughts about inserting Caliban’s attempt at raping Miranda to link that event through my essay to further prove that is where Miranda’s suppression came from, completed my argument.

The in-class peer review session let another pair of eyes see my work and critique the details that I became blind to after working on the paper for so long. I also was able to review my classmates work to better understand what the essay was ultimately supposed to look like. This activity also made me feel better about how far behind I felt at that point because my classmates were all in the same boat. Through these processes, I created an essay that I am proud of, but I also strongly believe that it has room for improvement.