Compiled to the right is the fruit of one of the more difficult classes in my final semester of school, ever. This content is organized to provide an outline to my writing process and the evolution of my progress. I have a few sources to set the scene and give context to the four essays I selected to focus on. The first is a short biography to give a bit of information about myself. The second is an introduction that gives detail about this portfolio’s purpose. The Process Portfolio contains six of the semester’s initial attempts at rough drafts along with revisions. Some of the feedback I received from fellow students and my professor is included to provide insight to details of my writing process.

The essays utilizing the skills of close reading, historical contextualization, psychoanalytic criticism, and deconstruction all provide helpful vessels to understanding William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Hamlet. All four essays are introduced through a landing portal that identify the writing tool used, some of the main ideas, and what sources are introduced to stake and suggest a solid claim.