Presentation Portfolio

Your presentation portfolio is the real “meat and bones” of this website. This is where you can present your best work. In the links below, which you should rename, you will offer  4 heavily revised and closely proofread essays that will act as evidence of your strength and flexibility as a literary analyst. One must display an strong ability to conduct independent research.

However, you can’t expect this evidence to speak for itself. For that reason, you should also contextualize the material you’ve provided so that your reader will know how they should be encountering it. You can organize this discussion in any way that you wish. You can write a short essay and then offer a list of links; you can weave links to the essays into your prose; you can write up individual instructions for each essay, or even play with the website’s structure using the pages and menus functions of WordPress.

No matter how you organize this discussion, you’ll want to accomplish the following:

  • Provide an overview of your skills and accomplishments in literary analysis.
  • Link specific skills directly to specific essays.
  • Make sure those essays (as evidence) actually support the claims you’re making about yourself.

[Note: You'll need to update all of these links.]

Essay 1

Essay 2

Essay 3

Essay 4