Presentation Portfolio

Here it is! The dutifully waited upon, the highly anticipated presentation portfolio. Here you will find the four essays that have come to be an example of my best work throughout the semester.

Each essay was chosen to be featured in this presentation portfolio for the unique way it shaped me and my writing process.

Societal Expectations of Gender in the Elizabethan Era” was the first essay I chose to include in my presentation portfolio. This essay was crafted using a process that aligns more with my “new” process (outline in my process portfolio introduction) rather than the process I came in with. After diving into the historical context of Elizabethan England I felt comfortable and excited about writing this essay. I believe this essay is a great example of my ability to provide context for close readings and is written on a topic I am passionate about, gender.

Incest, Desire, and Inner Conflict: Making Sense of Hamlet’s Rage” is the second essay in my presentation portfolio. I selected this essay for my portfolio because I really enjoyed the method of psychoanalysis and using Freud as a means to perform it. This essay was one of the more difficult ones for me to wrap my head around methodology wise, but one that I enjoyed dissecting and constructing the most. Looking through the lense of Freud, I worked to understand why Hamlet’s actions towards Gertrude seemed rash and at times vengeful.

“Ideological State Apparatuses and Class in Shakespeare’s Hamlet” is the third essay in my presentation portfolio. In this essay I worked on making sense of Althusser’s ideas on ideology and how they affected the decisions made throughout Hamlet. Focusing mainly on the influence of religion and class, this essay was one of the most complex for me to put together. To make this essay successful I had to continuously revisit my sources and the drawing board of my own ideas.

A Case Study of Masculinity as a Generational Pass Down” is the fourth and final essay of my presentation portfolio. In this essay I revisit the idea of gender again, but through the lense of Judith Butler and deconstruction of the text. This essay was something I felt strongly about especially with my background of loving poetry. While working in poetry finding layers of meaning is the main point of reading. I was looking forward to doing the same thing with the text of Hamlet.

Enjoy these four somewhat-polished essays!