Close Reading

Starting this essay was a bit intimidating for me. As the first essay of the semester in a class that I felt was somewhat above my head this process was something that I wasn’t exactly excited for. However, once I began writing and thinking critically about what I was reading in The Tempest the assignment didn’t seem so daunting.

The beginnings of this essay actually stemmed from a cluster of ideas that I had about The Tempest. Originally I wanted to analyze the idea of social hierarchies within the play, but then moved towards thinking about the character of Miranda and her role as a woman in the play.

After much debate between all of the ideas bouncing around in my head I finally decided to explore the characters of Prospero and Antonio to see how they relate in terms of being powerful leaders. From this idea I came up with my first outline for a draft. The outline was quite complex because I felt pretty unsure about diving straight into a draft. I thought a safer bet would be to start an outline rather than just start writing. (Spoiler alert: I would learn later on that this isn’t always the best way to start a paper)

Once I felt I had a solid (maybe a bit excessive) outline for the paper I decided to try a first draft. This draft was full of a lot of information, but not much analysis. After getting some peer feedback in class, I went back to the essay and attempted to find a narrower focus.

Finally, I submitted my draft for professor feedback

After submitting this draft and receiving professor feedback I went back and refocused again. This draft ended up being the inspiration for my academic conversation  essay later in the semester. As for this essay in itself, I ended up leaving the ideas where they were and shifting my focus toward other topics. I felt that the way I was exploring these ideas in the close reading essay were not panning out in a way that made sense. Also, since it was the first essay of the semester I figured I would have plenty of other topics and chances to develop a topic for my presentation portfolio.