Psychoanalytic Critique

Starting this paper was something I was excited to do. I really liked the idea of using psychoanalysis to understand the texts and characters we were learning about. However, as I got further into the process of writing this essay and digging for evidence I realized it was going to be extremely complex.

Before I could even begin writing or thinking of connections between Hamlet and Freud’s ideas I knew I needed to attempt to make sense of his writings. From this came two pages of notes; one specifically on my understanding of “Mourning and Melancholia”, and the other from my observations on Hamlet that were somewhat puzzling and could be analyzed through psychoanalysis.

I started this draft with a brainstorm of ideas that I thought I might want to look into. Exploring those ideas a bit more, but not fully understanding how to construct my writing yet I took the outline of ideas to my peer review.

After the peer review I felt confident in the direction I was heading. I then developed my draft for professor feedback. After receiving professor feedback I worked with another peer to restructure the essay. I realized that I was using a lot of plot summary in an attempt to get my point across rather than analyzing the actions in the play. Using the comments from a second peer review I started another revision.

After another revision I ended up putting this essay into my presentation portfolio. To learn more about the polished version of this essay visit its page “Incest, Desire, and Inner Conflict: Making Sense of Hamlet’s Rage”.