Social Critique

This essay began on a rough start, yet managed to make its way into my presentation portfolio.

I began this essay with a bit of brainstorming like I usually do. However, before attempting to brainstorm I realized I needed a more concrete understanding of the ideas of Althusser, Foucault, or maybe even both. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I started with what I thought would be simple. However, equating Althusser’s ideas on ideology to the word “simple” was a big mistake that I learned about very quickly.

I decided to take some time to become acquainted with the ideas of Althusser, but as you can see, I didn’t take much time to do so in my brainstorming document. Once I thought I had understood these ideas I began writing my first draft of this paper which ended up being a somewhat Frankenstein-ed first draft. God bless my peer reviewer, Gretchen for keeping up with me!

During the peer review I realized that the ideas I thought I had a grip on were actually very mixed up in my head. After talking with Gretchen and my professor I thought I formed a good grip on the ideas and went to work on my next draft.

After reading, writing, re-reading, and re-writing I finally ended up with a  draft for professor feedback. I felt okay about this draft, but I was more so eager to hear some additional feedback on this essay; I felt that I didn’t really grasp this assignment fully and was hoping for more guidance through his feedback.

The professor feedback I received did just that. I was able to look at the structure of my argument, re-structure it, and get an even tighter grasp on the ideas of Althusser. Although this essay isn’t my favorite I wanted to showcase it in the presentation portfolio because of the extensive amount of work I put into it. This was one of the first essays that I had re-structured various times and actually gone back to square one for after receiving feedback. I was really proud of myself for the amount of work I put into the process of creating this essay and since one of my main goals of the semester was to work with, change, and find best practices for my own writing process I thought it would be important to showcase.

To read more about the presentation version of this paper and the topic as a whole visit “Who makes the decisions? An Analysis of Ideology defined by Althusser in Hamlet” in my presentation portfolio.