Welcome! I never enjoyed that greeting except for it to appear on stiff  mats but it seemed fitting to put on my first page that will introduce you to the writing process. You will find a variety of introductions to four essays that highlight different arguments, plays and strengths. My biography will introduce you to why and how literature became an important part of my life.  The introduction tab will help you understand who I am as a writer and a thinker. I will express my struggles as a writer and how I may have grown as a writer over the semester.

Next you will find the real reason you are here; the portfolio presentation will give a  brief abstract of each essay and the task needed to understand and achieve a successful critique. You will see a short description as well as the links to each individual page that has a deeper understanding and what to look for in each essay regarding the professional  pieces that are used but also in my writing. The process of each piece will be included in the presentation portfolio links  so distinguish the difference between each of the four.

Finally the process portfolio is included  that will give a description of all six essays. This will include the four but the two that were left out. You will understand why those were left out from the presentation portfolio.

That is all! I hope that you can easily maneuver around this site to see how we have progressed throughout the semester  as thinkers, writers and members of society. This class did not seem like work but a class to make us into powerful members of society. Literature has a way to open your mind and expose you to try on different perspectives that is what it did to me this semester and I am grateful.