Hello! It should be noted that I do not particularly enjoy writing about myself.  But I’ll try my best. I grew up in Eagle River, Wisconsin which is a tourist town “up north” as most refer to it. You or some of your friends probably have a lake-house there and that’s why you know the name.

My mother is a high school science teacher and knows practically everything, I aspire to be half of who she is. My father is a police officer and a medical examiner, people say he was destined to be a police officer with the last name Justice. I say he was destined to  because  he has the biggest heart,   just to make sure that there is a little more justice than the day before. We are a foster family but do not have any foster children with us right now.  I am the oldest of four, Nicolas, Morris and Massa. We adopted Morris and Massa from Liberia ten years ago. Putting a timestamp on that event is strange, because they seemed to  be  there,  without them my life wouldn’t be the same.  It is actually difficult to think of memories that they are not apart of. I wish I could use this biography page to talk about my family instead of myself. I could write an entire book on how lucky I am to have them and how each of them will change the world because they are incredibly intelligent and influential (that is not just me being bias).

I grew up on a little farm, it was the place everyone wanted to be for playdates; we had chickens, some sheep, a couple goats and of course horses. I grew up doing a lot of things but until college riding horses was the biggest; I travelled all over competing and it was difficult to leave that behind  for school.  We travelled a lot for hiking and camping, from a young age I started being exposed to the world and I am forever grateful for that. My family are big runners so cross country and track were some of my favorite times and accomplishments. I started breaking track records during my freshman year of high school and continued to senior year until I broke my hip twice.  If I could look back on my life before college I would want to relive all of my track meets and horse shows just to feel it again.

I did not want to go to college in Wisconsin, I loved my childhood and my town but I knew that after 18 years I needed more. Eagle River no longer could offer me what I needed as I started to become an adult.  I needed the city, I needed a change (it sounds completely cliche). Saint Norbert was the last college I looked at, specifically because my mom told me I had to consider at least one Wisconsin school. I loved this school,  it was a perfect fit. Yes, I do wish it was in a bigger city but that will come after I graduate. Until senior year of high school I had planned on becoming a journalist but after realizing I couldn’t feel content writing about issues I needed to be apart in fixing the issues. I have always been concerned with the Urban education system and I knew that I needed to be apart of giving at risk children a shot at an equal education. Here I am as an Education major and english minor in hopes to become an effective urban educator.

My family is huge on reading, I never took my nose out of books growing up. Literature is something is never written the same way. Each story and author is approaching a topic in a way that is unique. Literature is underappreciated in this busy world, people don’t want to take time to reflect and read on issues. I have a theory that the people who read are more aware of the world and are the better half of humanity.  From reading I feel a connection to the world, an issue, or time period. This world is connected from technology but humanity is so disconnected from each other and issues. After multiple mission trips I made a decision my senior year of high school that I could do something about closing the literacy gap in failing schools. I started a charity called Detroit Bound Books. Within a couple months I collected over 500 books for a school in Detroit, Michigan. A book was addressed to a each student. Without funding students were not given a library. After continuing this charity I was able to send 500+ books to this school as well as a school in Milwaukee each fall. We need to start teaching children the magic of reading young, the next generation needs to be more in touch with each other than we were. By giving them the resources, literature can open to many doors for those who have had most doors shut on them.

So there it is; probably a little too much about me; and  hopefully a better understanding of why literature is a key to improve this world that became a little disconnected from itself..