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Welcome to the first essay that we created! This become something that I dreaded because I was nervous about perceiving the textual evidence wrong. By using a close reading critique the goal is to identify a problem that can be identified by looking at the text as a whole and then break it down with various pieces of evidence from the text. This was the first time reading The Tempest through, this created a slight difficulty to find a problem with a text I was introduced to.The obvious issue I found in the text was with the character of Prospero. His clear struggle as a character presented as a power struggle and control issues. I saw this is an obvious issue by reading of his interaction with Caliban as well as his daughter. This raised a variety of questions as I began to establish an understanding of how Prosperos power struggle created a deeper conversation of the play.  In Shakespeare’s The Tempest readers are introduced to a variety of characters and situations, but specifically focussed in this paper is the character development of Prospero. Prospero had been unable to let go of his past of being exiled and losing all power. He then lets this impact those around him. Prospero had learned to manipulate all people and situations. By examining these situations and characters, readers can get a better understanding of why Prospero needed to become the ruler he never was; in order to avoid reliving the past.