Historical Contextualization


Historical Contextualization;  the title sounds dry. I did not look forward to this process but similar to close reading I surprised myself. Historical contextualization is a process of analyzing different sources either primary or secondary and applying it to the argument. At first glance there may not seem to by any correlation but as if someone flicked on the light switch, there is correlation. Never would I have thought that the English and Native Americans damaged relationship would relate to The Tempest. This is because I never thought that the two time periods would match up or that Shakespeare would want to write of such topics.

I may have had an advantage writing this essay and using Ronald Takaki’s A Different Mirror as the main source because I had been reading it in another class. Ronald Takaki wrote this piece to highlight many events in American history but his chapter of “The Tempest in the Wilderness” connected dots that I never thought would create a picture. The topic of imperialism is something I feel very strongly about, especially cultural imperialism and after reading this chapter, I clearly saw   Shakespeare’s writing and the English’s approach in the America’s being similar.

In class we began by reading a variety of sources and making small connections, after reading the sources we found one that struck us most and that was the piece that would be focussed on. It helped because from that piece we created an argument, something that we could make strong and intriguing. I saw these connections between Shakespeare and Takaki as a path that would not just end at the end of the colonization of America but something that is still relevant today.

To my surprise we continued the use the close reading technique and quote directly from The Tempest  in hopes to strengthen the argument as well as that technique. Like before I wrote my body paragraphs first, I write two paragraphs on the historical context  and then two close reading . After the final close reading paragraph I wrote one more paragraph on the historical context and finished with a conclusion.

Regarding what I need to improve upon, I need to pull more quotes and sources from the pieces I am analyzing.

Historical Contextualization Final Essay


FINAL: Hist. Cont. Essay Corrinne Justice