Psychoanalytic Critique

Hamlet had displayed very interesting behaviors, his behaviors had been used as examples  for a variety of theories. This course had peaked my interest in gender, as displayed in literature and society which is something I never fully understood. The psychoanalytic  critique gave an opportunity to address behavior and gender.

As introduced before in the portfolio presentation tab, Psychoanalytic Critique was a task that required us to read theories o Lacan and Freud. After reading these theorist it was then time to apply their theories to Hamlet. I read Mourning and Melancholia which is Sigmund Freud’s 1917 theory that mourning and melancholia are similar but  different reactions to loss.

I struggled in the beginning because  by starting the year with the close reading essay I had began to routinely approach my essays like so. Not each essay we did was close reading but still needed to incorporate close reading for evidence.

Before pulling evidence,  it was important to understand Freud’s theory and language fully so there was no    interpretation confusion. By understanding the mourning and then melancholia it became easier to see how it may relate to Hamlets behavior.

Freuds theory of mourning and melancholia was genius, he had made such accurate claims and I as a reader was intrigued by his process to come to such conclusions. I introduced Freud in my paper soon after the said introduction to establish his credibility. By establishing this introduction to Freud’s theory it gave a clear paragraph for readers to refer back to when the essay progressed. Freud’s theory needed to be understood for not only me but for readers. To establish the chosen theorist claims before analyzing the text became a habit of mine after the psychoanalytic critique, it created an organized structure that did not have readers jumping back and forth.

Finally as I progressed through the essay by analyzing Hamlets behavior after the death of his father and gender expectations drove him to a melancholic stage. The close reading passages chosen show a progression of Hamlets behavior instead of strictly showing text of his mourning and text of his melancholic state. By choosing one of each and then another that is in between it can help readers understand that  the two are difficult to distinguish because of the similarities. The psychoanalytic critique tested my ability to connect a psychological perspective and literary text. It is difficult to analyze a psychological state of a character especially of a play because there is no thought process, as writers we are strictly observing their statements.