Marxist/New Historical Critique

Before you analyze my progress or the quality of the papers attached know that this was the most difficult paper to write. I struggled greatly with the theories and the process because it was a critique that was difficult to understand. That does not mean however that I did not grow or learn anything, it simply means that I learned more from the struggle.

The Marxist/New Historical Critique mission was to examine Foucolt and or Althouser, their topics included various issues like state apparatuses and ideologies. By looking at these theories and applying them to Hamlet I became intrigued by the gender concept being an ideology that this social construct was being encouraged in Hamlet. I pulled a familiar set of quotes and began to analyze them as Shakespeare’s encouragement of constructs. After analyzing the quotes I thought I was done but I needed to fully understand Althusser. His concept was difficult to understand at first read but after researching not only his work but a variety of sources such as Judith Lorber in order to understand social constructs.

By understanding social constructs in Hamlet I had to look at social constructs in society today to see if they still applied. By doing this and creating that common ground for readers it became clearer how common it is for authors to encourage gender roles as a social construct.

I created a rough draft but needed extra help to guarantee that I was stating a clear, valid claim. During peer review of the rough draft I was noticing that much of my feed back was not about my claim but about my evidence. I did not establish Althusser as an author and and refer to his work as often as I should have. Instead I started taking my own thoughts and using those to create foundation. This piece became too opinionated and I needed to revise multiple times in order to leave out my opinions and place Althusser in its place.

I did struggle with this piece because all the theories and critiques began to seem the same and I lost sight of how a marxist critique should be. You will find strong points in this essay but a struggling thought process of a writer who was torn between her own opinions and Althusser.