Feminist Critique/Deconstruction

As we wrapped up the semester there was one more essay to write, though motivation was beginning to run low, suddenly there was a spark from read ing Judith Butlers “From Gender Trouble”. Gender  in Hamlet had been the topic of my essays because through the different theories there were different ways to approach it and understand it.

As this essay began I started reflecting on all of the essays this semester but also the course as a whole. I became a avid thinker and member of society because finally I began opening my ideas beyond myself and into society. Judith Butler compelling piece drove me to watch multiple interviews involving her theories and books. This gave me a strong foundation to understand Butler and the idea of gender being assigned. Before writing my introduction  I introduced Butler and her ideas to establish that same foundation for readers.After that I analyzed various points in Hamlet that involved three characters, Ophelia, Gertrude and Hamlet. By analyzing three different characters each dealing with various struggles throughout the play it can be understood that gender can be assigned in different way by society. After close reading and addressing Judith Butler as a writer I had established enough to create a strong claim of my own.  I claimed that society assigned gender to people after birth instead of gender being assigned before birth. This was a strong claim to make because many of time people do not understand the difference between sex and gender. I had to include this in my paper because without that clarification there would be confusion.

In conclusion, Judith Butlers theory  offered a great deal of reflection opportunities but also a great deal of room to understand gender in society today but also in Hamlet.