Way before choosing Saint Norbert I was determined to be a journalist, I wanted to write opinionated pieces that made people see the world as I did and hopefully they could work towards the greater good. I was told in middle school and all of high school that I was a talented writer  who could go places. I felt above my class mates when I was recognized for my writing and persuasive pieces but this was a slap of reality as I entered college. I was taught the writing process but told to be persuasive and make my writing “pretty”. I was just an average writer but if I kept up my high school writing habits I would not be able to survive past any  introductory english course.

 I was forced to face reality that my writing was not effective because I focussed on making sure it was pretty to read and not creating a clear argument. As I entered this class I was over my high school my writing habits but still struggling to leave behind the classic five paragraph essay. It was taught throughout high school and a majority of students rely on the five paragraph structure because they  (including myself) that they are too scared and incapable to organize it any other way. The five paragraph structure was taught to  every student for  college but it turned into the only way to quickly write a paper that made sense. Many times I still struggle to break away from that structure and go beyond my own opinions  to actually use other reading materials and write on their views.

I have always been intrigued by all societal manners and issues, I believe that society is so disconnected from itself that people would rather not hear about it and keep doing nothing. By writing about and observing society I believe that society will be become a little more in touch with itself. I have never written about societal issues and literature in the same paper and this class forced me out of my comfort zone. I thought that literature was to be read and understand it how it is written, that is not the case. For example, instead of reading Hamlet once and simply writing a plot summary I read it three times. Each time was to understand it from the theoretical perspective.

I never thought that I would relate Hamlet or any Shakespearean writing to today’s society but I did multiple times. It proves to me that society does change but a majority is constant and the same issues that are being dealt with today were present throughout history. The present is not thing too special and society is similar to how it was so by analyzing text from history and understanding it from different theoretical perspectives we can understand it and use it to help today.