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Here’s My Tempest Essay Draft 1

In beginning this process, I did not know where to begin. The Tempest is full of different interesting literary elements and conflicts. The conflict that stood out to me the most was Prospero’s manipulative nature and his need to control the people around him. The play is flooded with examples of this so picking which scenes and excerpts to use was tricky. I chose to use one example from Ariel, Caliban, and Miranda to display Prospero’s need to control. *

This process taught me how important it is to be specific in analyzing text. The Tempest is littered with examples of Prospero’s controlling actions yet, it is the analysis of his actions towards each character that makes each event significant. The events I chose were very specific to each character. For example, I chose an instance where Ariel, in asking for her freedom, was denied of her request and then sent back to work as Prospero’s slave. This event was specific to Ariel because of her request for freedom after it was ultimately promised to her. Having a wide range of unique examples from each character will help to prove how Prospero will go to great lengths just to control others to gain more power. I also learned, through completing this task in small portions*

*Incomplete thought


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