Welcome! This is my portfolio of writing I worked very hard on throughout my English 305 course. I explore a variety of writing strategies while close reading some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, The Tempest and Hamlet. Follow along my revision journey as I present many drafts to show my progress from my original drafts to the final product.

In my introduction, you can get a taste of what both my process and presentation portfolios hold. It will give you an inside peek of how I developed my views as a reader as well as my voice as a writer. In my biography, you can get to know me more as a student, education major, as well as a person! This may help you get an insight into why and how I chose the topics of my essays due to my interests. It will also inform you about my relationship with literature and why I think it is important.

Finally my process portfolio, as I mentioned before, holds six essays that are far from perfect, but show my process of developing my work. My four best, polished works that I am very proud of can be found in my presentation portfolio and can truly show you how much I have developed as a literary critic and a writer over the course of this class.

Not only did I develop my drafts into quality final papers, I also experienced much growth as a writer throughout the lengthy and tedious process of revision. I learned that you can always work harder to improve something- it can take rewriting several times before you find your masterpiece and in the end it will all be worth it. I hope you enjoy what I have to share as my revision and final portfolio.