Born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, I grew up loving to read and write. All through elementary school I excelled at creative writing and I used to ‘publish’ books with my grandma, me being the story teller and illustrator and her being the script. Growing up I was not sure what I wanted to be, my options were endless and college was approaching. It wasn’t until after taking a job at a YMCA summer camp, I found my love for working with kids and being a role model which led me to study education at St. Norbert College. I am also involved in the SNC cross country and track team as well as the campus service organization, Global UKnighters. I also spent a semester abroad in Chichester, England last spring which spurred the dream of one day teaching/living overseas one day.

Along with being an Education Major, I have a minor in Language Arts because of my love for writing when I was a student myself. I would love to build up my student’s confidence and creativity through writing in my classroom and share the passion for literacy I had when I was their age.

As an English student, I have developed much through this course. In previous classes, I was expected to complete research papers and education reflections and I was never pushed to do anything outside of my creativity or comfort zone. ENGL 305 has broadened my horizons to so many categories of writing and ways of critique works of writing. After experiencing this course, my intentions for the future are to continue being an avid reader (critique writing a little more) and to inspire my young students to express themselves creatively through writing. If I do teach middle school and use my Language Arts minor, I would love to create fun and engaging activities for students to enjoy writing and not see it as a daunting activity. I also think it is just as important for my students to critique forms of writing through different points of view, just as we did on a more mature level in 305.

My view of the purpose of literature is a very diverse one. Literature has informed us of past civilizations, ideas of great thinkers, renaissance, and insight into our world’s past which continues to inform our future. Literature has presented itself as an artform through poetry and as an outlet of emotion in journals and diaries. Literature comes in the form of stories which inform and entertain people of all ages, it can make us laugh, cry, think, and even years later that favorite childhood book will always hold a place in our hearts.

We can read literature through whichever lens we choose. A critical one or just simply enjoy the work that the author presents. Literature has affected me throughout my life as a tool of enjoyment through pleasure reading as well as being informative. Reading and writing were always the skills of strength I had growing up and how I expressed myself. As I’ve grown, I have been affected by literature as truly seeing its power and importance in the world. It is a way of conveying messages and structuring arguments.