Essay 1: Historical Contextualization

My first essay in my Presentation Portfolio is called, Shakespeare’s Elizabethan Women: Historical Contextualization. This is a historical contextualization of The Tempest from a feminine perspective. I analyzed the characters of Miranda and Claribel by witnessing their parts through an Elizabethan era lens. Robert Goody’s article, Family and Inheritance, Rural Society in Western Europe 1200-1800, gave me further insight into how the marrying off of Claribel was a financial benefit to Antiono. I also was able to see that the engagement of Miranda was Prospero’s answer to his prayers: a way off the island and a better life for him and his daughter.

I brought in the information of the era concerning the way marriage and inheritance was shifted through family because these plays were written during this time. I make the unavoidable claim that Antonio… Utlimately, this essay shows us the reasons behind the marriage of Claribel and proposal of Miranda and what were the affects (benefits or demises) of these connections.