Historical Contextualization

For this essay, we explored The Tempest through a historical lens using a primary or secondary source from during or about the time period. I was very interested in how women were being portrayed in Shakespeare’s works, not just in The Tempest, but also in Taming of the Shrew. Provided to us was an article by Jack Goody that was also very informative regarding the flow of inheritance and treatment of women as property in the Elizabethan Era. This source correlated with the same time period Shakespeare’s wrote his plays. To start my essay, I know had my source and focus, but I was a bit confused about how I could fit so much information and still make a clear claim of how the treatment of women in this era was the same reflected in Shakespeare’s works.

After a very rough draft, I decided to run it by Drew and I was able to work out a solid plan for my organization and a good conclusion. I then came up with another Draft 1 for my peer review to give me any further feedback.

After taking all the critique, I was able to tie in my quotation from Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew to strengthen my claim of how Shakespeare depicts his woman characters to match with the treatment and roles of women in the Elizabethan Era. I was also able to order my paper so it flowed in the right ways. There was quite the transformation from my initial draft edited by Drew to the one I submitted. This was an essay that I had all the resources for, but not the right way of implementing them. I decided to focus on the three characters of Miranda, Claribel, and Kate and tie in the scenes where they were portrayed as women of their era, by being treated as property and seen more as objects to strategical marry off for beneficial financial purposed for their families. This was most times due to the men in their lives treating them as so, all common themes found throughout the three plays.

Having spent much time directing my claim to provide suitable information of the marriage and engagement of Claribel and Miranda as well as Kate’s confession from Taming of the Shrew, I was able to submit a final draft for grading Draft 2 . This draft really showed me the power of organization in an essay to make a claim its strongest. Also I learned that sometimes having to much to say can just as much of a struggle than having too little. My submitted draft was still a little rough, if you want to see the really good one check out my Presentation Portfolio copy. This was an essay I worked very hard on, but still could find MUCH to revise after I even turned it in! It just further proves the tedious process of revision.