Welcome to my portfolio for English 305: Literary Theory and Writing! This portfolio is an extensive record of how my writing process has changed, and hopefully improved, throughout the course of the semester.

The Introduction page offers you a sense of why I have completed this portfolio, other than the obvious that it was required to pass this class. It will also give you more information about how this course was structured. The Biography section allows you a tiny glimpse into my life, perhaps granting you the ability to understand where my writing is coming from.

The Process Portfolio contains the development of each of the six essays I wrote, from messy outlines to final drafts (though in writing, nothing is ever final). Of the six essays, I chose four that I thought best exemplified my writing skills and critical thinking; these reside in the Presentation Portfolio.

Get ready to read a lot. Settle down in a comfy chair, block out some time, maybe grab some snacks, and observe the development of my writing process. Enjoy!