This is the beginning of something very interesting and special. On this website you will learn some new things about literature and The Tempest and Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. In the six essays that were written, there were many different writers that were also used to help understand both of these plays on a deeper level. On this webpage you will see that I was open to criticism and was able to make the best out of some bad writing on a couple rough drafts.

Throughout the portfolio and the semester you will be able to see that each paper goes into depth and ultimately gets better. Each tab on the top bar you will be able to find what you are looking for and will be able to see every step that I took in forming the papers into what they are now. In reading all of the papers on the webpage you will be able to easily understand what each paper is about even though they have some interesting titles and confusing names for some of the topics.

Enjoy everything that I have to offer,
Hunter Larson