My name is Hunter Larson, I am a graduating with a major in Political Science and a minor in English. I am from Marquette Michigan and have been at Saint Norbert College for all four of my years of college. When I came into college I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life or even what I wanted to do in college. Before college, I was a highschool graduate that barely got by in school. I was a really lazy student in highschool and barely got into college. I began as a business major and quickly found out that math and calculus wasn’t for me. I was unable to spend enough time to get a good enough grades for the scholarship that was given to me for I was and am still on the baseball team here. I didn’t play much my freshman year because I had a fractured shin and was able to focus on school work

It wasn’t until after freshman year that I made the decision to switch to Political Science. I was also in the process of taking English classes because Political Science had a lot to do with writing papers and understanding what was written in documents. The strange thing about my major and minor choices was the fact that in highschool I was terrible at writing papers and I struggled with understanding what I read. I was forced to read many things over and over just to hardly understand it. So for me, writing was always difficult. I spent more and more time on reading and typing papers during sophomore year here and made the decision that I would much rather type a paper than study for numerous hours a day to take one exam that I would forget the information a couple days after I took the exam.

After graduation I plan on attending Northwestern Technical College to join the Criminal Justice Program. I intend on taking that to the next step and I want to be a Conservation Officer, or a Game Warden. Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I am in love with being outdoors and I really enjoy nature. I really enjoy hunting, fishing and anything that has to do with being outside and the environment. I am not sure where I will end up yet after college is all said and done, I want to go back to Michigan but I have no clue where I will end up and I don’t really even want to think that far ahead yet.

To me, literature is very important. I believe this because a lot of it is about the past and what happened to make what the world is today. There is a lot to learn from literature that many people overlook. Literature can be seen as for learning, for fun and to cure boredom, to me it is all three. Like I just said, there is a lot to learn from literature and sometimes it is fun to read. Other times, it cures boredom. Your phone battery only lasts so long and when you are sitting in a deer blind in the middle of November and your phone dies, a good book is able to make the time pass quickly and it actually has kept me warm on a couple different occasions. Academic literature can be very boring at times but if you have fun with it you can focus much better and retain more. Socially speaking, I am able to talk about certain books and certain movies and how the movie follows the book terribly or vice versa.