Close Reading Essay

This essay was based upon close reading of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. Looking at the whole text, Shakespeare presented many different themes throughout the play. One of the major themes, although it is fairly hidden is the act of deceiving others. This paper will show how Prospero is the biggest user of deception of others. Of all the characters in the play, Prospero deceives just about all of them in one way or another. Other characters deceive others as well throughout the course of the play. Antonio and Gonzalo are also big users of deceiving others, and again, this will be presented in the paper.
This paper will present those ideas throughout the course of it and overall show how Prospero used deception to get his way.

Underneath you will find the steps that I went through in writing this paper. I started with a rough draft of the paper just forming ideas. The hardest part of the rough draft that I came across was trying to figure out what to include and where to put this information. After the rough draft I was given a peer revision. You will also find this below, labeled Peer Review. This is where I received the most information on organization of the whole paper. Also what I needed to include throughout it and what I could take out.

After the peer revision, I fixed the problems and turned the essay in. From that I was given feedback from the Professor and ultimately led to what the paper is at that finishing part. Overall, this was the greatest help in all the steps of typing the paper. It presented ideas that I didn’t have in the paper as well as what he thought about it. The biggest revision that I needed to do was to make the paper seem that it wasn’t just a summary of the play. I needed to elaborate on why, who, and how the characters were deceived by each other and what the end goal of each was. I then needed to look more into depth on this matter and explain the close readings.

Here is the final polished work.

Hunter Larson
Drew Scheler
English 305