Essay 4 Portal: Psychoanalytic Critique

On this page you will find the fourth essay that I typed, it is the psychoanalytic critique. This paper was a little different than the first three. This was the first paper that was done on William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet. This paper is looking at behavior and how a character can change throughout a play. This paper look at Sigmund Freud’s work, Mourning and Melancholia. This work by Freud was a deeper look at a person’s behavior and can explain how a person’s attitude/behavior can change. Using this work, I looked at Hamlet himself to a deeper level and was able to see how his behavior changed as the play went on.

At the start of the play we were introduced to a sad Hamlet, his father died two months earlier and he is still sad about it and is mourning the loss of his father by moping around and wearing dark clothes. According to Freud, this is the first phase of “Mourning and Melancholia”. Hamlet being sad brings everyone else down and no one can handle him anymore. Hamlet’s mother, the queen, calls him out on being so sad and this is right about when Hamlet finds out that his father was actually murdered. Hamlet’s actions begin to change here and he turns to a more melancholic behavior. His behavior changes from sad to angry, he wants to make the person who was responsible for his father’s murder pay.

Just like the first three essays before this one, the process was similar in everyone. It began with a rough draft that was basically the outline type of work. After this there was a peer edit that helped me revise and turn the paper into an actual paper. After the feedback was given from one of my peers, I took the corrections into consideration and turned in a revised work for Professor Scheler to edit.

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Hunter Larson
Professor Scheler
Literary Theory and Writing: English 305
26 March 2018