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On this page you will find essay 6. This essay looked at the role that gender plays throughout the time period. To help see these gender roles, I used Judith Butler’s work, Gender Trouble. This talks about what the gender critique is and where it can be seen in Hamlet meaning that some people appear to look one way and completely look feel differently on the inside. This helps us understand how some characters act in the play, and how they are supposed to act according to society. The first example that we see in the play is when Ophelia is told who to love. Her father told here who to love and it isn’t supposed to be Hamlet. The next is when Hamlet is told by the king how to act, Hamlet is still mourning the death of his father and the king tells him to man up and act like a man. Both of these are examples of the gender critique, how each gender is supposed to act.

In this paper, it goes into depth about how each gender is supposed to act. Judith Butler’s work, Gender Trouble helps to show the pressure that a woman was put under into acting because of how society thinks or believes they should act. This work helps to show that both men and women are susceptible to the gender critique not just women, although they are more likely to be pressured.

Here is where you can find the finished work.

Hunter Larson
Professor Scheler
Literary Theory and Writing: English 305
25 April 2018