Process Portfolio

The page has how I felt about all of my works. I thought that the essays that I typed for the class were very rushed. There wasn’t much we could’ve done about that but it was difficult to read the amount of pages assigned on top of other classes work loads just to type a paper on the same subject. With that being said, I don’t think that the essays were terrible, sure there were some that were better than others, but overall I thought that they were decent pieces of writing. From the rough draft, to the peer edit, to the feedback from Professor Scheler, to the polished work I thought that this was a really good process. I did like that we were able to get all this feedback on each paper even though they were on top of eachother. When it came to selecting the final works, I went with the papers that I spent that most time on. Meaning that I was able to fully read and understand the reading that was assigned for the week and each class period whereas some days and weeks I would have more homework for other classes that I needed to focus on.

Essay 1: Close Reading

Essay 2: Historical Contextualization

Essay 3: Critical Conversation

Essay 4: Psychoanalytic Critique

Essay 5: New Historicist Critique

Essay 6: Poststructuralist Critique