Close Reading

At the start of this paper I found it somewhat difficult to find a topic to write about. The first thing I did was try to find a major theme throughout the play.  I did struggle a little bit to find a theme that I liked enough to write about.  I came up with the idea of deception.  I came to the idea to use deception because of my major in school.  Being a Political Science major and understanding how the government works I found deception to be something that I could actually relate to and understand what the motives were behind the characters using deception.  The claim that deception was a major theme in this play can easily be defended and upon reading the paper it will become clear.  There is evidence throughout the text that provides the examples needed to help portray the claim.

In the writing process of the paper I found myself to jump around from example to example with no actual ideas in the paper.  I found myself rewriting many different paragraphs for the flow of certain sentences wasn’t there.  I also had to reread the play many different times to make sure that I was understand the examples I was using and how they portrayed deception.  After the peer review I added more solid ideas and examples and went into more depth on those points.

After this was all said and done I learned that writing wasn’t just a straight road.  It is a very curvy road trip that has many stops and can take days to accomplish.  Literature can be viewed very similar.  It is one of those things that you can thing you understand and then you read it again and interpret it is a completely different way.  When reading it you must think and concentrate on the whole and keep what is happening at the point in the story in the back of your mind to fully understand it, and even then, you might not fully understand it.

Here is the rough draft of the essay. The next step was to get feedback from a peer and here is this copy. The last step before the final corrections was turning the paper in for Dr. Scheler to look over and see his feedback. Click here to see that final polished work after Professor Scheler’s feedback.