Marxist/New Historical Critique

This paper had a little different process than the first four. The process was the same, but how I reached the end result was a little different. In this paper, I looked at the New Historicist approach to literature. This approach, just like the Marxist approach approach literature as a whole. However, they differ in how they understand the structure of the society that the literature came from. In this paper the New Historicist approach was used to understand why a person would want to gain power, i.e. Hamlet’s uncle killing the King. In this paper I mostly looked at Hamlet’s actions, not only did he want to gain the position of power but it was a little bit for payback of his father death.

In writing this paper, I researched the ideas of what happened during the time that Shakespeare wrote this play. During this time, there wasn’t a lot of conspiracy in the government at the time, however, Henry VIII separated the Wales from England which created tension and trust issues between the two. I also used Freud’s work Mourning and Melancholia to see how Hamlet’s behavior changes again and how he wants revenge on his father’s murder.

The process of my paper was a little different this time around. It did start out with a rough draft that can be found here. The next was a peer edit, I was out of town for baseball because of the weather, so instead of a peer edit I went to the writing center and they gave me feedback. The next step was to get the feedback from Professor Scheler.