This purpose of this portfolio is to show the work that I composed throughout the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. This portfolio is composed of works that dealt with two of William Shakespeare’s works, The Tempest and Hamlet. The abilities that I have as a writer were really brought out in this class, it showed my strengths and weaknesses in every paper that we had to do. The assignments really gave light to the weaknesses that I possess as a reader. I struggle with understanding what I read and therefore I was forced to read everything that was assigned more than once and with the deadlines for the papers being every week, it took a toll on me and trying to write about the topic that was covered and assigned in class. I believe that I achieved as much as I could on the papers that were written in the time that was given to write them.

In this portfolio you will find six different papers. Three of the papers cover William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and the other three talk about his play Hamlet. Of the six papers there is a total of four of them that were fully finished and completely polished and you can find those in the presentation part of this webpage. You will able to find all of the steps and the background on all of the papers that I typed on the tab that says process portfolio. You will be able to see every step for every paper on this tab.

On the tabs there are the six names of the paper. The first one was called “Close Reading”. This paper looked into depth at certain points and dissected certain passages. It was basically a paper about certain passages and breaking down the wording into what was actually said. The second essay was “Historical Contextualization”. This paper looked at different historical works that helped in the understanding of the play. The next paper was the “Critical Conversation”. This also used other sources to help understand themes in the play. However, this paper used other works that talked about what was happening at the time that this was written. The next essay was the “Psychoanalytic Critique”, this paper used Sigmund Freud’s work about how Hamlet’s actions changed because he found out about the death of his father. The next essay was the “The New Historicist Approach”. This paper talks about the conspiracy in governments and how certain people react to them. The last paper was the “Poststructuralist Critique”. This looked at how people were expected to act based on how society viewed them.