Presentation Portfolio

Welcome to my presentation portfolio! You have entered a world that has been carefully crafted by hours of revisions. Be prepared to experience an intense amount of academic work. I hope that this section of my webpage will give you a good idea of everything I have learned over the course of my time in English 305. I feel that I have gained an understanding of how to include structure into a more fluid writing process. The works I have chose show the ways in which I have practiced this and at least came close to succeeding.

I chose to include “The Power of the Audience in The Tempest” because I feel that it shows my ability to apply a source without sacrificing the content of the essay itself. Rather than choosing a claim and finding sources based on that, I took my text and some historical work and curated a claim from there.

In order to give you a complete view of my writing journey, I included and essay that I struggled with. “The Tempest: Shakespeare’s Rebellion” takes the work I did in “The Power of the Audience in The Tempest” and expands upon it by adding a critical source. I struggled including more than one source and still maintaining a coherent claim. After revisions, I felt that I had developed this skill and ended with an acceptable product. 

Out of all of my essays, I personally was most excited about “Losing Order in Loss: Tracking Hamlet’s Melancholia.” Again, I continued to develop my skills in incorporating theoretical contexts and information. I tried to test the boundaries of what I could do with Freud’s work and I found that a theoretical context is not nearly as limiting as it seems.

Finally, I included “Hamlet’s Grief: Subconsciously Testing Performative Gender”  because I felt I succeeded in taking an argument that was unconvincing and worked with a methodological source to alter my claim. This led to an argument that was more than just a collection of interesting ideas, and turned it into a convincing work of argumentation.