Well, hello there! Welcome to my comprehensive portfolio for ENGL 305: Literary Theory and Writing. Although written for a specific class, this portfolio exceeds the bounds of an individual syllabus, presenting to you my abilities as a writer and literary critic.

Before you start your journey, here are a few tips on how to navigate this site:

I suggest starting either with the Introduction or Biography sections. My introduction will inform you of the purpose and relevance of this portfolio and clue you in on what you should expect to find in my writings. My biography will let you know a little bit about me, your cruise captain for this evening, and give you some context of my past encounters with literature.

From there, it’s really a choose-your-own adventure. I’ve cultivated a presentation portfolio that exhibits four of my best essays as a literary critic, but I’ve also put together a process portfolio made up of all of the not-so-polished drafts and the half-baked ideas that have lead to my successes. I’ve written this site so that you can read either the process or presentation portfolio first, making sure to prompt you with links to check out another page when I think there’s a particular piece of information you might find relevant.

So what are you waiting for? Go click on stuff!