Welcome! This webpage is my complete portfolio for English 305: Literary Theory and Writing. Make yourself at home. I hope that this portfolio will serve as a good example of my abilities as a writer.

Let me explain this site a little. Right now, you’re (obviously) on the welcome page. If you look above, there’s a black bar with different links and drop down menus. From there, you can navigate to:

My Introduction, in which I make my case for my skills as a writer and the improvements that I have made throughout English 305.

My Biography, in which you can learn a little more about me and my history as a reader and writer.

My Presentation Portfolio, which opens with an explanation of my skills as a writer, and how they are represented in this class. and contains final, revised versions of four of my essays from this class.

Finally, my Process Portfolio, in which I lay out how I wrote each essay, and why I chose the topics I did. These pages also contain links to drafts and peer reviews that helped me get to the final version of the essay.