The Power Of Trust in the Tempest

The Tempest raises fundamental questions about power within close relationships, more specifically, who has it and how they wield it. The best example of this throughout the play is Caliban and Prospero’s relationship. The deterioration of their relationship has several causes, most obviously, Caliban’s attempted rape of Prospero’s daughter Miranda. Another factor is Antonio’s betrayal and usurpation of Prospero’s power before the start of the play, as Prospero put him in the place of power that allowed this move. This occurrence sets up an important precedent for Prospero’s behavior throughout. Prospero and Caliban’s relationship as former allies, now slave and master, reflects Prospero’s relationship with his brother and explores the inherent lack of trust in a relationship with power imbalances. This in turn exposes Prospero’s fear of losing control.

The Power of Trust in the Tempest