I found really interested topics in both Kermode and Takiki’s writings that I decided I wanted to look into more in a paper. The development for the subject of this paper was a lot easier than the last one, with only minor changes from my rough draft day to revisions made over the weekend. I outlined this paper much more thoroughly than the one before it, so that made things go more smoothly too. Since I didn’t get stuck on developing a Thesis, I was able to spend more time studying the Tempest and the two articles that I chose to use and coming up with ways I could connect them. I also outlined this paper much more thoroughly than the one before it. I’ve learned that I need to brainstorm concepts for a potential thesis as I go through my readings instead of trying to cobble on together as I write my first final draft to be turned in for review from my professor I still need to work on close reading, as my paper sometimes felt like I had just tacked the close reading on to the end of the paragraph because it had to be there, not because it was proving a point. It could have been more focused. The final version of this paper can be found in the Presentation Portfolio Section of this website under “Caliban and Colonialism”