Postcolonialist Critique

I’ve found that it’s helpful to look for common themes and concepts in the literature and source material that I can base my thesis and arguments off of. It’s also helpful to pay close attention to contrasting perspectives in the work that could create an interesting thesis and arguments. From my personal experience, I need to spend more time processing the materials that I am working with, especially older writing that has different forms of language. I found it challenging to find an original perspective to use for the academic discussion that this unit relies on. I felt that the authors we read all made good points, and initially had trouble developing my own perspective. To deal with these challenges, I read the materials several times to look for ways that the authors could have added to their arguments. I also considered the ways that one authors perspective could challenge another’s perspective, and ways that could effect our understanding of the play. We use literary study in order to find different contexts that help us better understand the work. We also learn to improve techniques that we already know, like close reading, which can be applied to any other literature.

My first draft

The revised draft

My Professor’s Feedback