Psychoanalytic Critique

When writing the Psychoanalytic Critique, it seemed too obvious to discuss Hamlet’s state of Melancholy. For this reason, I chose to examine Ophelia’s melancholia, which both made the project more interesting, and just a tiny bit more difficult. One of the biggest stumbling blocks in this project was figuring out where to go with the argument, as it clearly wouldn’t be enough to argue that Ophelia was Melancholic. Instead, I realized that I had to find a way to expand on this. In the end, I decided to argue that Ophelia’s state of Melancholia was a direct result of her treatment at the hands of the men in the play, as she simply would have gone into mourning, instead of the condition known as Melancholia in Freud’s work.

I began with an outline which guided me to my first rough draft, which received peer review, found in the bottom of the document. Aside from the obvious additions to the document to turn it into an actual draft, this outline was well developed enough that almost everything in it made it into the first revised draft

My final draft, as found in the Presentation Portfolio Section under “Ophelia and Melancholia.”