Marxist/New Historical Critique

My Marxist Critique was one of the more difficult essays for me. It took several read throughs before I felt I had a good enough grasp of the material to start writing. The first concept to jump out at me was Ophelia’s christian burial, despite her suicide. This is acknowledged as problematic even within the play itself, so it seemed like an obvious choice. Even so, I feel that I barely scratched the surface of Marxist Critique, and there are ways I could have dived deeper into the concepts. I built my problem¬†around quotes from Hamlet that were intriguing to me, and found ways to link it back to the Marxist concepts. This led to my first rough draft, which I submitted for peer review. However, I found that I had trouble exploring the issue of burial for an entire paper, so I expanded my concept to explore the ways that the nobility in Hamlet got away with things that they shouldn’t have throughout the story for my revision. This made the paper much more relevant to today, and a much better paper overall.