Senior Portfolio

Hey there! Welcome to my Senior Portfolio. At St. Norbert, English Majors are required to put together a portfolio of writing, with one essay from each English class. I’ve had an absolutely fantastic four years here at St. Norbert, which began in the fall of 2015 and ended in the Spring of 2019. I truly feel that I’ve grown quite a lot during my time here, both as a writer and researcher, and as a person.

I took eight English classes during my time on the SNC campus, with two electives during my time studying abroad in England at the University of Goldsmiths. As such, there are Eight essays from eight unique classes, and one that I chose to add because I presented it at the Sigma Tau Delta Convention in the Spring of 2019.

Below is a list off the eight english courses that I took at St. Norbert. Each class links to a separate essay from each of these classes. A self evaluative essay is at the bottom.

ENGL 150: Introduction to Literary Studies

ENGL 235: Survey of U.S. Literature

ENGL 226: Survey of English Literature

ENGL 334: Major Authors: Milton

ENGL 308: Poetry Workshop

ENGL 305: Literary Theory and Writing

ENGL 425: Creative Writing and Contemporary Literature

ENGL 489: Dickens – Sigma Tau Delta Convention Paper

ENGL 489: Dickens

English Reflective Essay






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