Close Reading

Reflection for Close Reading Essay.

Each time one writes a paper they take a different approach to write the paper. For this paper, I started by looking back at previous work I had done for the process assignments to see what ideas I had there. From there I saw an idea that I felt like I could expand upon so I took it and started to plan a lose outline my paper so I had a guideline to work with. Once the outline was to my liking, I started to look for evidence from the text supported my ideas and include them in my paper. Finally, I was able to come up with my Essay One Draft 1 which seemed a little rough but a good start to be at for some feedback from a peer.  After I got my feedback, I was able to have a better sense of where my paper needed to go with the Essay One Draft with comments that my partner was able to give me. With that feedback, I was able to write Essay Draft 1.2 to submit to my professor; one week later I received Shefchik Close Reading Draft Feedback.

I do not think I am going to continue to edit this paper due to the fact that I feel as though I need some outside sources to help aid in my argument which is not the point of close reading. Close reading can be very hard to write for because you are limited to the words on the page and what they are telling you; which in some cases, especially in Shakespeare, you could misinterpret. To me, the text is a good place to start but without adding other sources it is hard, at least for me, to have support for your argument if you do not have some type of background knowledge or others who are saying the same or different ideas than you.