Historical Context

Reflection for Essay Two

This essay required me to take a little bit of a different approach to my writing process. Like before I thought about what I would like to explore in The Tempest which was examining Prospero and his power. Once I knew that I started to look at the sources provide to me to see if any of them would aid my idea; upon reading an excerpt from Machiavelli’s essays titled “The Prince” I had found my source. What Machiavelli was discussing in his essays, fear vs. love when ruling, linked well with what I wanted to examine for this paper. After I found my source, my writing process followed very similarly my previous paper. I wrote out a rough outline of my paper, found quotes that I wanted to use in my paper to aid my argument. Once all that was complete, I was able to produce Essay 2 Draft One which I felt was a very good start of a paper. With this draft, I was able to get some really good feedback from a peer; Essay Two draft One with comments most of what I needed to take a look at expanding on the ideas that I have presented and examining aspects of the play that challenge what I am discussing in this paper. After looking at the feed and think about it in depth, I producesEssay two Draft 2.2 which I feel addressed everything that my peer suggested for me to look at. It still is not a perfect paper but I still pretty good about it. Now with more with feedback, Shefchick Historical Context Draft Feedback.docx, I feel as though I am ready to continue with this essay a little further and expand my ideas a little further. By looking at the comments from my peers’ feedback I was able to make a more polished version of this paper which you can find in my presentation portion of this website.