Psychoanalytic Critique

Reflecting on Psychoanalysis

For me, this paper was little harder than previous papers I have written due to many factors. The first one being that I have never looked at or study psychology before. The second which seems naturally it was hard for me to wrap my heads around the ideas and concepts for this paper. What really helped me out was talking small and large groups about what was going on in the works we read. Once I had that under my belt I felt I little bit better and was able to produce my Essay 4 draft one which is by no means perfect but it was a starting point to receive some feedback from a peer which happened in this Essay four with comments. The comments here were mostly on improving my analysis parts of my paper and being more clear on my ideas. With that feedback in hand, I re-worked my paper to produce Essay 4.2. After receiving feedback again, Shefchik Psychoanalysis Draft Feedback.docx I wanted to continue my thinking on this paper. So going over those comments I was able to produce Essay 4.3. I was also able to receive more peer feedback on this paper from a different set of eyes which happened here Essay 4.3 with comments. With these comments, I am producing the final draft which you can in the presentation portion of my portfolio.