Welcome to my portfolio! It is the culmination of four months of writing about and learning six frames of literary analysis. This writing is based from Shakespeare’s plays The Tempest and Hamlet, with each play being the lense through which we learned about three of the six frames. We then drafted and edited an essay per frame, four of which we further edited after a critique from our professor. This was very stressful in such a short period of time, as we learned about a new frame every two to three weeks.

However, I believe it has given me the experience necessary to be a more thoughtful, skilled and consistent writer. My writing process changed overall and I was able to increase my knowledge and understanding of various ways to look at the world, including things such as societal structure and power as well as gender. This portfolio also pushed me to better develop the ideas I was coming up with, as it wasn’t simply enough to connect the frame to the work; I had to expand on these connections and demonstrate what they show me and other readers. It is in these ways that the portfolio was a positive experience for me.

This portfolio is a reflection of my progress in English 305, and while my writing still can develop further, I feel that I did make some great strides and hope that this portfolio reflects that. Enjoy!