Close Reading Essay

Lessons Learned and Motives Just“ is my first product of heavy revision and demonstrates my ability to perform close reading in a text. Using only material from the text itself, I delve into Prospero’s actions and motives in an attempt to understand why Prospero does horrendous deeds within the play. I first talk about his backstory and how it has jaded him against loyalty and power guaranteed through anything but force. I then discuss how this is reflected in his deal with Ariel and how he treats Caliban, whom Prospero sees as a threat. Finally, I discuss his motivations for orchestrating the plot of the play, showing love for his daughter and the hope of a better future. I ultimately come to the thesis that Prospero is simply acting as a result of his past and has a noble goal for his actions. I connect this to the idea that understanding the motives behind actions can help us change them in the future. Enjoy!


Lessons Learned and Motives Just