Close Reading

For our first essay, I didn’t really know where to start. So what I did was find a quote that I thought was interesting, which ended up forming the basis for my entire essay. It was a quote where Prospero provided an incentive for Ariel to do what he wanted. That led me to think about how just much manipulation was present in The Tempest, not just from Prospero, but from other characters–Antonio in particular.

I noticed that, while both characters use manipulation as a tool to get what the want, one was portrayed as good (Prospero), and one was portrayed as bad (Antonio). So I used that to write my paper. Unfortunately, my paper only makes note of this and doesn’t really go into depth about why it is that one character is good and the other is bad.

Shocking absolutely no one that knows how I write papers, my first draft was so minimal that it could hardly even be called a finished draft. I found some quotes that showed what I wanted to talk about, but then I didn’t really go into any detailed analysis of it. I just found the quote and then said that they were evidence of my claim.

After that first initial rough draft and after some peer editing, I went back and made changes. I actually analyzed my quotes and pointed out specific parts of them that supported my claim, and I talked about why they supported it.

As my paper currently stands, I just note that Prospero’s manipulation doesn’t cause anyone any permanent harm, and Antonio’s manipulation was definitely intended to.