Entering an Academic Conversation

When it came to writing this paper, being able to just spit out something was so incredibly helpful. As I started writing the paper, I still had no idea what it was I was supposed to be writing about, so I just looked over some other essays from this class that we had already written. It gave me an idea of a starting point. Admittedly, when it came time to peer edit our papers, mine was still so rough that it could barely be called a paper, but that was fine because peer editing my paper got me more ideas about what I wanted to do with my paper. My peer editor mentioned a couple of resources that I could possibly use and pointed out a few places where I could expand on my thought process.

This was still an incredibly hard paper to write. Like I said before, I was still confused about what I was supposed to be writing about when it came time to actually write the paper. Because we had those previous essays, though, I was able to look back at those and grab inspiration from them. What really helped me get started though, was looking at a quote I used in a previous essay and realizing that that was a good jumping off point for my new paper. In the end, my paper ended up looking likeĀ this.