Marxist/New Historical Critique

This was the essay where we read Althusser beforehand. This is a man who has a lot of ideas, but he expresses them in a very confusing way. If we hadn’t talked about him in class I would still be banging my head trying to understand what he was saying and then trying to write an essay about it.

In any case, my first draft of this paper I still struggled. Trying to wrap my head around Althusser still hurt my head, so writing a paper that used his ideas was a struggle. My first draft didn’t have a lot of meat. Fortunately, my peer editor gave me an idea of where in the play to look for more quotes and how I could possibly apply them to the paper I was writing.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time to make all of the changes that were suggested to me or that I wanted to make myself. As a result, the next draft of my paper is nowhere near as good as it could be.