This portfolio is the embodiment of comedian John Mulaney’s bit about how in college you can say you think Emily Dickinson’s a lesbian, and then get partial credit. That is to say, this portfolio will display several essays I have written over the last several months, which rely heavily on my interpretation of two of William Shakespeare’s works: The Tempest and Hamlet.

This portfolio will show my progress as a writer, as well as the evolution of my essays over the course of this past semester. (which four essays are you going to display here?)

(for the next however many paragraphs talk about the four essays you’ve chosen. Don’t get super into detail. Maybe link to those essays when you actually put this on the website?)

Why does any of this matter to you? Which perspectives were easy for you? Which were hard?

Maybe talk about how your writing process is horrible and you are aware of it.

“I’ve learned over this semester that I need to improve my writing process. I procrastinate far too much”